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E If you are engaged in optimization and every minute in your account, then surely you use a variety of services to determine parameters such as TCI, PR, number of indexed pages and many more others.

B ashche just for their determination to have to come to some kind of resource and using it has to determine the dates of your options. If you do this many times a day, then the amount of time takes a lot. To make it easier for you and save your time, I created a special icq service that can perform basic SEO functions: definition of back-ups, tICs, PR, finding in the i-catalog, dmoz, indexed pages, links to "muzzle": External, Local, the price of links from the muzzle, etc.

In this data you come to icq, just send a message to the number 103-35-35 with the phrase "! Help" (without quotes, spaces) and you will immediately get a list of commands and functions available You. This technology is very convenient and allows you to save your time, which, as you know, costs money.

Orlando SEO Boat: 103-35-35


Add the number ...
Add the ICQ bot number to your contact list.

Send command ...
Send command to bot, we recommend you start with! Help

In the command, specify ...
In the command, specify either the analyzed site, IP, and so on. Depending on the team.

! Help Output help, list of commands.
! Seo vashsait.ru Full site analysis. From the TCI to the information about the links.
! Cypr vashsite.ru Brief analysis - TCI, backing, PR.
! Up Bot fixes the presence of the update in Yandex.
! Ip2host ip Learn the host by IP.
! Host2ip host Learn IP over the host.
! Domen seobot.info Check that the domain is free.
! Whois seobot.info The team is in development, the usual whois.

12.05.07 The number was restored. There are suspects.
04.05.07 The server bot code, the protocol is rewritten. Possible bugs. Request for them to write on the forum.
21.04.07 Added a huge number of functions in the command! Seo.
20.04.07 New command: check the domain for employment.
15.04.07 The price of the link is a fraction. Example: $ 5.40, $ 6.15, and so on
28.03.07 Fixed a large bug.
27.03.07 Created a forum. Added seo-utility. Forum.seobot.info
21.03.07 Partially removed information about the links.
21.03.07 Restored definition of pages in the index.
08.03.07 Moving the bot to another domain.
23.02.07 Optimization of the bot code.
16.02.07 Moving to your server.
01.02.07 A new team. Brief analysis of the site.
15.01.07 Advanced link analysis.
08.01.07 The approximate price of the link, the algorithm is adjusted.
07.01.07 Determining the location of your site in the YAK and DMOZ.
04.01.07 A small conflict with hosting.
03.01.07 Added the ability to determine PR.
02.01.07 Definition of TCI and BackLinks.
01.01.07 Creating a bot, nothing really he does not know how, I work :)

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